Scheduled Weekly Sunday Programs

The Unitarian Fellowship of Silver City invites a wide variety of speakers from both our congregation and from the community to give our Sunday presentations.

We welcome many points of view and enjoy diversity of opinion, knowledge and information. Join us on any Sunday for a thought-provoking topic and some fellowship with a conscious and humanitarian group of people. We serve coffee and snacks after each service. Services begin at 10 a.m. at The Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship of Silver City at 3845 N Swan St.




Program Presenter and Title

Mar 3rd

Speaker: Susan Golightly
"New Beginnings"

Let’s have a lively conversation and share our insights about New Beginnings. Susan Golightly has a Masters in Counseling & a wealth of experience as a facilitator. She hosts a local radio show.  Moderator Susan Golightly

Mar 10th

Speaker: Akien Maciain
"Five Languages of Love"

What is it? Does it work? How to use it? When to use it? Is it just bunk? Are there going to be candies after? These and more questions may get themselves answered! Akien Maciain has been a pagan priest, an ordained minister, a computer guy, a DIYer, a volunteer, a random fixer of things, or maybe a fixer of random things... and might be headed to being a chocolatier.

This is a Family/Childrens’ Program Sunday – children 4 yrs and older have their own special activities. Moderator Carlos Price

Mar 17th 

Speaker: Samantha Fields
"Planned Parenthood"

Samantha Fields [she/her/ella] is a Raz Organizing Specialist with Planned Parenthood in Las Cruces. She does community outreach re the services provided at the newly opened health center. She’ll be speaking on reproductive justice, the state of New Mexico’s support, and ways you can join in. Free Planned Parenthood swag will be available! Moderator Carol Morrison Please note – Dedicated offering

Mar 24th 

Speaker: Dave McDonald & Beth Cable
"SW NM Bird Alliance. "

Beth and Dave will discuss aspects of the Conservation and Education events and programs available here in Grant County. They are Co-Secretaries of the SWNM Bird Alliance, and both enjoy all kinds of outdoor-nature activities.

This is a Family/Childrens’ Program Sunday – children 4 yrs and older have their own special activities. Moderator Cathleen Norman

Mar 31st 

Speaker: Robin Wall Kimmerer
"(Easter) video with Robin Wall Kimmerer"

"Gifts of the Land: A guided Nature Tour" Robin Wall Kimmerer takes us on a guided nature tour of Clark Reservation State Park in Jamesville, NY as Spring welcomes back migrating creatures. Kimmerer is the author of Braiding Sweetgrass.

  Moderator Art Thorn


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